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Are you a therapist or coach and you want to join us?
Are you ready for the trip?

We invite you to join us in the mission of helping people who seek professionals that their Catholic values and principles. 
Different types of membership are available depending on your situation:

  • ICATC Full Member : Catholic individuals who possess the appropriate license in their home country to practice in a mental health profession:  e.g. a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist or clinical social worker. For non-licensed therapists and coaches, the membership committee will review their qualifications, registrations and accreditations on a case-by-case basis, to ensure their professional standing.

  • ICATC Associate member: Catholic students who are still working towards becoming a licensed mental health professional.  Other Catholic healthcare professionals with a special interest in therapy or coaching, e.g. nurses, healthcare managers and pastoral counsellors.

  • ICATC Supporter: This category is open to anyone with a desire to support the work of ICAT&C, who wishes to receive our newsletters, and donate 

Benefits of being a member of ICATC:

By joining our association you will be able to benefit from the following services:

Visibility and new clientele: Being listed in our directory of professionals, which can be found by clients from around the world that are seeking professionals with these values and principles (see directory).
Networking and community: By joining our community of professionals,  you will have access to various services for your professional and spiritual development (supervision groups, workshops, training, etc).

You can decide whether you want to be listed in the website directory or if you only want to be in the internal directory, only visible for ICATC members. 

Full Member of ICATC

To be able to join our association and thus be part of our list of Members of the International Catholic Association of Therapists & Coaching (ICATC), here are our requirements:

  • Attach your official title:

    • As a Psychologist or Psychotherapist, be licensed and hold an official title.

    • As a Coach, present a Coaching certification obtained from official entities.

    • Demonstrate a professional trajectory in the field of psychology or coaching.


  • Conduct an interview with us.


  • Sign our admission document, endorsing commitment to the values and policies of ICATC.


  • Contribute with a minimum of 6.00 euros per month or 60.00 euros per year for association expenses.

I want to be a Associate at ICATC

Join our association for €2.00 per month or €20.00 annually as a Student Associate or if currently do not meet the requirements to be full member at ICATC to become part of our community and participate in meetings and events.

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