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Are you a therapist or coach and want to join us?

Are you ready for the trip?

If you are a therapist, psychotherapist or coach and want to be part of ICAT&C, we invite you to join our mission of helping people who are looking for professionals with Catholic values and principles.

To ensure the quality of our associates, we are going to ask you for certain requirements and actions to take.

In order to join our association and thus be part of our list of Members of the International Catholic Association of Therapists & Coaching (ICAT&C) you must present and demonstrate the following points:

  • Show an official title:

    • As a Psychologist or Psychotherapist, be registered and hold an official title.

    • As a Coach, show a Coaching certification from official entities.

    • Demonstrate a professional track record in the field of psychology or coaching.

  • Conduct an interview with us.

  • Sign our admission document that endorses the commitment to the values and policies of ICAT&C.​

  • Contribute what you want with a minimum of 9£ per month or 90£ per year for association expenses.

By joining our association you can benefit from the following services:

  • Visibility and new clientele: Being in our directory of professionals in these fields, which can be accessed by clients from all over the world who are looking for professionals with these values and principles (see directory).


  • Networking and community: Join our community of professionals where you will have access to different services for your personal, professional and/or spiritual development.

To start the trip, press the "I want to join" button and we will contact you.

Do you want to suscribe to ICAT & C and receive updates on events?

If you like our community and you want to be informed of our events, conferences and activities without becoming a member, fill out the form below to subscribe to our news.

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