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Do you want to donate?

If you want to help us cover the expenses of the association or in any other way, you can either contact us or make your contribution in two possible ways:


Send us the amount you want to contribute to our bank account by putting your information and email if you wish:

Sabadell Bank

IBAN: ES34 0081 0230 4100 0183 631


PayPal Me

Use the ICATC PayPal account to send us the amount you want to contribute.


Thank you!

What do we use the contributions for?

Our association has the following income and expenses:



  • Membership fees

  • Training, seminars and events organized by the association

  • Individual or entity financial contributions.


  • Development and maintenance of the website (domain expenses, certifications, emails, etc).

  • Quality assurance of our professionals (filter and onboarding interviews, investigations, results measurements).

  • Promotion and communication of the association in different countries (international communication agency)

  • Promotion and marketing in social networks.

  • Association management expenses (currently we have a minimal structure with volunteers and a Project manager and International Assistant).

  • Administration expenses (accounting and taxes)

  • International legal expenses (Data protection, legality by country, etc.)

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