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About us

Our Principles

First Principle

We accept each person as they are, without judgement.




We follow a total respect and commitment policy for the person and their ethical, religious and moral convictions. We will only include aspects of faith in our work if it is the client's wish.




We are not an association that only offers service to Catholic or religious clients, our service is open to everyone.



We encourage our clients to improve their mental health and well-being whilst balancing familial, social and professional responsibilities.



Our aim is to help our clients to flourish and find fullfilment within their current environment (family, work and friends) unless the situation is damaging.


We do not encourage an overly individualistic and egocentric approach, which risks cutting people off from their surroundings and the reality around them.

Second principle


Third Principle

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We are committed to being professional, authentic and honest.


We seek to be authentic.

In some cases, if the client's goals go against our principles, we may offer to redirect them, as we may not be the best person to help them.

We are open with our clients about what we can and cannot offer.




We will never try to manipulate our clients, benefit third parties or ourselves, or push an agenda.

We aim to embody Christian values.



We are aware of the realities of the world and we view suffering with both compassion and hope. 

We promote gratitude, patience, charity, resilience and joy in an authentic, practical and integrated way.

We support and encourage the unique talents and potential of each person.



We do not engage in false positivity and hypocrisy.

We will not take advantage of vulnerability. We avoid unconstructive criticism and prideful superiority in general.

Fourth Principle


Fifth Principle

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We maintain confidentiality in our sessions, adhering to the respective recommendations and regulations of each profession and country.


We guarantee the confidentiality of our clients' information and processes unless there is a legal disclosure requirement, in which case we will address the issue with the client right away. 

Any notes taken during a session are kept secure in a locked cabinet.



We do not disclose any information relating to a client unless we have the client's express permission.

We integrate the Christian faith, if the client wishes.



We offer the option of integrating Catholic spirituality into our work. This creates the possibility of looking at some situations from the perspective of faith as well as other potential perspectives.



Although we believe that some aspects of faith can illuminate other aspects of life, we never impose our beliefs, nor will we try to direct someone's spiritual life.

Sixth Principle

tomados de la mano

The person, family and work as a priority

Our mission

To accompany those seeking personal growth, healing and fulfilment:

 We provide a directory of accredited professionals that we know can help constructively and effectively.

Our Mission

Our purpose

To help the world to follow the light that was lit 2,000 years ago and that has done so much good for our humanity.


We want you to have the peace of mind knowing that our people will give their best so that you can reach your goals.

Who are we?

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